As we age, the skin on our faces begins to sag and lose volume. Our cheeks become hollow as the skin gradually thins. Granted, this loss of volume is a natural part of the skin ageing process. However, if you can slow the process, then you can continue to enjoy youthful-looking skin. This is where dermal fillers comes in. The doctor injects the filler into the face to add volume and restore that young and vibrant look.

They are a great option for dealing with wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines. The result is a much fuller and plump face.

Dermal fillers and youthful skin

Every woman wants to feel young and beautiful for as long as possible. While there are many surgical options available, these are invasive and therefore carry a lot of risks. Secondly, they are quite expensive.

A more viable option for many Singaporean women is dermal fillers. This helps restore the skin’s youthful, full and vibrant look. A beautiful face can help boost your self-esteem. This can translate to more productivity in other areas of life as well.

How effective are dermal filler

The effect of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are an effective option in the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, as well as a loss of collagen which is often a result of ageing. In most dermal fillers, the main ingredient is Hyaluronic acid.

As we age, our skins and bodies produce less collagen which ultimately causes our skins to sag and lose volume. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in our bodies which makes dermal fillers highly effective and safe at restoring volume.

Understanding dermal fillers

We’ve seen that one of the main ingredients in dermal filler is hyaluronic acid. This is a molecule produced naturally by the body and can be found in skin tissue, joint fluid, as well as in cartilage. Find out More

Hyaluronic acid works by holding moisture close to the skin for an extended period. This gives the skin ample time to absorb the moisture resulting in a plump and full look. Consequently, this causes wrinkles, and fine lines to disappear.

After the treatment, the effects can last anywhere from 6-12 months before the body completely absorbs the dermal filler. After this time the patient can go in for another treatment.

Since hyaluronic acid is already found in the body, dermal fillers have very minimal side effects. The most well-known of these include reddening and swelling of the injected area as well as a bit of bruising.

Granted, there are few side effects and risks are little. That said, it is important to consult with your doctor before undertaking the dermal filler. Your doctor will evaluate your skin and suggest the best course of action.

Types of dermal fillers

1. Juvederm fillers

There are multiple types of dermal fillers. One of the most common in Singapore is the Juvederm filler. It contains hyaluronic acid and comes in different varieties suited for different needs. However, the main goal is to improve the signs of ageing.

Juvederm stimulates the production of collagen. This dermal filler is effective on the nose, lips, and cheeks.

While Juvederm is generally safe, it is important to exercise caution with dermal fillers. Anyone who has a risk of allergies should avoid Juvederm.

How long the effects of Juvederm last will depend on several factors. One of these is the location of injection. If the dermal filler is injected in an area where there is a lot of movement such as around the mouth, it can be expected to last between 4-6 months.

On the other hand, if it is injected in an area that experiences less movement, such as under the eyes, it can last at least 9 months.

This is because the molecular structure of the Juvederm is broken down during movement.

2. Restylane fillers

Another popular dermal filler is Restylane. It is also a hyaluronic filler that stimulates the production of collagen. It is mainly used as a treatment from wrinkles, saggy skin as well as dark under-eye circles. Moreover, it can enhance the appearance of the lips by making them fuller.

The doctor injects Restylane on visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. The other active ingredients in Restylane are biodegradable. This means that Restylane is safe to use and has few side effects.

Patients may experience slight pains as the doctor injects Restylane into the skin. This, however, will go away after a few hours. Some minor side effects include slight swelling and redness caused by the needles.

That said, Restylane has numbing components so eventually, you will not feel the needles during the treatment.

Cost of dermal fillers in Singapore

Dermal fillers cost

While the cost of dermal fillers treatment may differ between clinics, on average you can expect to pay between $600-1000 for a syringe of the dermal fillers.

Note that before treatment, the doctor will evaluate your skin and advise on the best type of dermal filler for your needs.

Secondly, some people may need more than one syringe depending on their skin condition. Your doctor will also tell you when to come in for re-injections.

Another factor influencing the cost of dermal fillers is the doctor’s level of experience. Often doctors with many years of cosmetic experience under their sleeve will charge higher fees. However, you are far better off than dealing with a doctor without many years of experience such as Dr Isaac Wong (formerly known as Dr Israr Wong) as you can avoid side effects.

Final thoughts

Dermal fillers are noninvasive and have very few risks. What’s more, they provide immediate results and are effective at providing a fuller face that looks young and vibrant. The results can last anywhere between 6 months to one year after which you will need to go back for another treatment.

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