If you have been searching for the best anti-ageing product, then chances are you’ve come across Ellanse filler. This filler has been steadily gaining popularity in Singapore thanks to its amazing effects on the skin.

Just like other fillers, Ellanse is an injectable. However, it has some unique features that differentiate it from the other fillers available in the market. Let’s find out more about Ellanse fillers and whether it is the right choice for you.

What is Ellanse filler?

Simply put Ellanse filler is an injectable filler that does not contain hyaluronic acid. As we advance in age, our skin loses its firmness and starts to sag. Ellanse filler is injected into the skin to make it fuller and restore that young and vibrant look.

There are 2 steps involved in reversing skin ageing using Ellanse. Hyaluronic fillers are gel-like. These properties are what allows them to lift the skin. On the other hand, Ellanse works by stimulating the skin to generate more collagen.

Inject Ellanse filler

Furthermore, you can enjoy the results for at least 2 years. In some cases, these can go a much as 4 years. This is far more than the other types of dermal fillers.

Ellanse in  Singapore and lifestyle

If you are a Singaporean woman who is starting to notice age creeping in through fine lines or saggy skin, it is time to restore your youthful glowing look. While there are many options out there, Ellanse is an effective long term solution.

Secondly, for people who spend a lot of their time in front of the camera, such as models, bloggers, vloggers, it is paramount to maintain your youthful skin for as long as you can. If you are not restricted by your budget then Ellanse is the way to go.

Furthermore, with the right doctor, it is a safe treatment with minimal risks involved.

What makes Ellanse so effective?

The microspheres that make up different filers degrade differently. Once injected into the skin, Ellanse is reabsorbed. The body takes the molecules are causing them to slowly disappear. Moreover, the microspheres will maintain their volume and wait until all of the molecules dissolve.

How long the results will come down to the number of molecules held in the spheres. The more the number of molecules the longer you can expect the results. You can find out more about Ellanse through Health Ascent.

Where to use Ellanse on the body

One of the many benefits of Ellanse is that it is highly versatile. Patients can receive Ellanse in many different areas. These include all of the areas where doctors can use hyaluronic acids such as the chin, hands, jaws, forehead, temples, nasolabial folds, hands and jawline.

Main benefits of Ellanse compared to Hyaluronic fillers

Ellanse lasts longer

  • Ellanse lasts longer than hyaluronic fillers.
  • Ellanse is able to maintain volume for much longer.
  • Patients do not have to worry about delayed hypersensitivity as is sometimes the case with hyaluronic fillers.
  • The results on the body are much better looking than hyaluronic fillers.
  • Ellanse causes the body to produce its own collagen.

On the other hand, the hyaluronic dermal filers have some benefits over Ellanse.

  • In case of complications with hyaluronic fillers, the doctor can administer an antidote to reverse the problem. There is no such antidote for Ellanse.
  • Hyaluronic fillers are much are affordable compared to Ellanse.
  • Not only do hyaluronic filers fill up the skin, but they also make it look supple.
  • Patients can get Hyaluronic fillers on sensitive areas such as under the eye. This is not the case with Ellanse.

Are there any risks involved?

Since Ellanse stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen, it is a very safe procedure. However, you can expect minor bruising, swelling or pain. Note that these are a result of the injections and not the actual Ellanse.

In rare cases, Ellanse can result in severe side effects. These include dead skin and even blindness. This is why it is crucial to find a clinic and a doctor with many years of experience.

Unlike hyaluronic filers that have an antidote, Ellanse does not and is not easily reversed. In the case of an overfilling, it can be highly difficult to remove the excess Ellanse.

How to tell if Ellanse is for you

There are many different dermal fillers available in Singapore. Choosing the right one for you will come down to having a discussion with your doctor. They can review your individual situation and tell you if you are a suitable candidate for Ellanse.

If you are budget conscious and you want to go for a more affordable option, keep in mind that while the costs of Ellanse is higher upfront, you will save significantly, in the long run, thanks to the long-lasting results.

There are several factors that will influence the success of your Ellanse treatment. The doctor’s experience is among the most important considerations. Always go for a doctor with many years of experience.

Secondly consider your skin texture, as well as your budget.

Final thoughts

Ellanse is a great choice when you are looking to regain your youthful look. What’s more, you can enjoy the results for years to come. While the risk involved is extremely rare, it is always important to remain on the safe side and to choose a doctor with many years of experience. Furthermore, keep in mind that while Ellanse may be a more expensive treatment, you will save significantly, in the long run, thanks to its long-lasting effects.