Looking tired and old because of those bags under your eyes? Are you always mistaken by your workmates, loved ones, even the barista on your favourite coffee shop that you have a lack of sleep because of your bulgy eye bags? Do you want to get rid of it? Yes, of course, who doesn’t want to. I know you do not want to go under the knife to remove those bags under your eyes. Don’t worry we have Cambridge Therapeutics that offers a non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore. Continue reading the article to know more about eye bags and the scar less eye bag removal treatment offered by Cambridge Therapeutics.

What are eye bags?

As we get older, the tissues around your eyes with other muscles weakens causing it to swell and formed into an eyebags. Excess fluids also gather in the space below your eyes which makes it look puffier.

Man with eye bag

Causes of Eye bags

The most common cause of eye bags is ageing. As you get older, the level of collagen lowers which affects the elasticity of the skin and makes it saggy which results in eyebags. Eye bags are also associated with a lack of sleep and oversleeping. Not enough and too much sleep is not good for your eyes, make to sleep just right if you don’t want to get those puffy bags under your eyes. Other causes of eye bags are stress, allergies and it can be also hereditary.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags?

Getting rid of your eyebags is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of patience and change in lifestyle to get rid of those eye bags. Here are some effective lifestyle changes to get rid of your eye bags:

  • Get enough sleep – lack of sleep is a common cause of eye bags. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Avoid smoking – smoking diminishes the vitamin c in the body which is responsible for collagen production.
  • Cold compress – applying a cold compress to your eyes help the blood vessels compress.
  • Avoid Sodium – you can get too much sodium from salty foods and it contributes to fluid retention which causes eye bags.
  • Eat Vitamin C rich food- it is an anti-oxidant that can help restore your skin’s glow and study shows that vitamin c thickens lower eyelid.
  • Cucumber – the most well-known remedy used for eye bags. Cucumber can help reduce the puffiness under the eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

If those lifestyle changes did not work, then, probably you need an eye bag removal treatment to get rid of those annoying bags under your eyes. Cambridge Therapeutics offers eye bag removal in Singapore. It is a non-surgical eye bag removal, let us see how it works.

About Cambridge Therapeutics

Cambridge Therapeutics is a highly specialized aesthetics medi-spa that is luxurious and offers today’s most advancing anti-ageing treatments. They offer several treatments for face, body, and hair. It is founded by highly-regarded board-certified doctors. They offer a full-circle solution, from consultation to assessment to recommendation to treatment. They prioritize the clients’ needs and goals and fully explain the process of the treatment which are all non-invasive.

Scarless eye bag removal treatment

Eye bag removal treatment

Cambridge Therapeutic offers a non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore. It is a signature service by one of the doctors in Cambridge Therapeutics, Dr. Lee Mun Heng. She was the first Singaporean doctor to perform this eye bag removal procedure. They call this non-surgical eye bag removal Treatment, EYE REVO. It is a Korean hailed technique with an aesthetic procedure that reduces unwanted eye bags that do not involve surgery.

Many patients had undergone eye bag removal in Singapore that involves cutting methods to remove excess skin and lessen extra fat under the eyes which causes scarring. Unlike the CambridgeTherapeutics eye bag removal treatment that is non-surgical which eliminates the risk of scarring and no hassle in removing the stitch that is common in the surgical method.

Benefits of EYE REVO eye bag removal treatment

  • Non-Surgical
  • Low downtime as no surgery is involved
  • Helps to stimulate collagen production
  • Helps to firm up & tightens loose skin in lower eyelids
  • No change of eyes shape
  • Repeatable improvement

How does it work?

The eye bag removal treatment does not require surgical treatments and does not leave any visible scars. EYE REVO uses a patented micro-needle that is fine as a “mosquito sting” and targets the excess fats around the eyes then releases radio-frequency energy with precision. It reduces mild to moderate eye bags problems. These help the skin around the eyes tightened and firmed, as well as stimulates new collagen production. You feel like a “mosquito sting” or minimal discomfort during the procedure but worry not because topical anesthesia will be used in this treatment. It also reduces the risk of blood vessel damage due to the use of a non-sharp, thin tubed needle called a cannula.

Is it suitable for everybody?

Unfortunately, EYE REVO is not suitable for everybody. It only works for mild to moderate eye bags. That means EYE REVO will not be effective for you if you have moderate and severe eye bags conditions. You might need to undergo a traditional eye bag removal in this case.


  • It takes time for you to see the effect and it is not temporary. That means top-up is needed.
  • The non-surgical procedure is less expensive than traditional but that depends on how many sessions you want to undergo. In the long run, traditional treatment comes cheaper.
  • EYE REVO only works with mild to moderate eye bag conditions. If you have moderate to severe, you will not get a good result if you push to go under this treatment.

Cost of eye bag removal

The cost of eye bag removal in Singapore using EYE REVO treatment is $3,800. Also, consider that there might be an additional cost like a doctor’s fee and the anesthesia that will be used during the procedure. For the specific cost of the treatment, you may visit Cambridge Therapeutics to ask for a total quote.


May it be non-surgical or the traditional way it still depends on you and most especially your doctors’ assessment and recommendation. Also consider your skin’s laxity and quality, of course, your budget too! Just remember, do not get carried away by your emotions in making decisions, based on facts.


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