Many people in Singapore suffer from Ptosis. This is where the upper eyelid droops. Lucking through ptosis surgery Singapore, it is possible to correct droopy upper eyelids.

Ptosis can cause either one or both of the upper eyelids to droop. The severity of ptosis will vary between different individuals.

While surgery is often performed on people who have the medical condition, others who have normal eyelids but want to improve their appearance can undergo the procedure.

Let’s find out more about Ptosis and the procedure involved in correcting it.

What age is affected by ptosis?

Еyes of a child and an adult with symptoms of Ptosis of the upper eyelid

Ptosis is nondiscriminatory. This means that it can affect anyone at any age. Furthermore, some babies are born with the medical condition. They require congenital ptosis surgery Singapore to correct the situation and to prevent it from affecting their eyesight when they get older.

Older people are more prone to ptosis due to the loosening of skin.

Factors that cause ptosis

While some people are born with it, and older people are prone to ptosis as their skin becomes loose, many other factors can cause ptosis.

First off, malfunctioning or damaged nerves that control the muscles in the eyelids can cause ptosis. Furthermore, people who have a habit of pulling on their eyelids or scratching their eyes regularly can end up having ptosis.

Thirdly, damage or trauma to the eyelids can cause them to sag resulting in ptosis.

The importance of ptosis surgery Singapore

Ptosis is a medical condition that can cause other long term negative effects on those affected. For instance, young people with the condition can develop a lazy eye appearance known as amblyopia.

Secondly, droopy upper eyelids can affect vision. This often causes those effected to tilt their heads backwards when they want to look ahead.

And lastly, in severe cases, ptosis can cause permanent vision loss.

How to treat ptosis

Ptosis treatment

As we’ve noted, the main cause of ptosis is the weakening of the upper eyelid levator muscles. Consequently, the only way to correct the condition is by tightening the weak levator muscles. This can only be done through surgery.

A qualified ophthalmologist will perform the surgery. This is a doctor with many years of experience in eyelid surgery.

On the other hand, if ptosis surgery Singapore is solely for aesthetic purposes, a qualified plastic surgeon can also perform the procedure.

Techniques for ptosis surgery Singapore

Depending on the individual and the severity of the ptosis, there are 3 main techniques used by an ophthalmologist to treat ptosis.

  1. Doctors recommend incisional ptosis procedure for people who have excessive skin on their eyelids. Such individuals usually have excess tissue, fat or skin. This is removed through a double eyelid crease made by the doctor. In case the doctor finds no need to remove excess skin, he or she will stitch the eyelid higher than before.
  2. Some patients will have excessively weak eyelid muscles. In this case, the ophthalmologist will use a technique called frontalis suspension. Sutures are used to hold together the eyelid muscle as well as the eyelid tissue.
  3. Lastly, for patients with mild ptosis, a procedure called suture ptosis correction is used. The doctor will stitch the eyelid as far high as is needed to correct the ptosis.

Ptosis and aesthetics

There are several ways that Ptosis surgery Singapore can help improve the appearance of your eyes. Firstly, after the surgery, the eyes will look more awake. Consequently, looking more awake and alert makes the eyes look larger.

The surgery can also improve the visibility of the eye crease resulting in a double eyelid.

And lastly, ptosis doesn’t only improve the appearance of the eyes but the whole face as well. Since the eyes look awake, your face will also appear vibrant.

Considerations before ptosis surgery Singapore

Before committing to ptosis surgery Singapore, it is crucial to do your research. A great place to start is Ubiqi. Book an appointment with your doctor. He or she will analyze your eyelids and determine the best course of action.

Some important things to note during the consultation include:

  • Your doctor should take time reviewing your current and historical medical background. This will help determine if there is anything that could interfere with the smooth running of the surgery.
  • You will also need to inform your doctor about your lifestyle, personal preferences, and expectations. With this information, they can advise you on the next step and inform you if your expectations are realistic or not.

Talk to others

It is also a good idea to talk to previous patients and ask them about their experience with ptosis surgery Singapore. This will give you an idea of what to expect. Make sure you understand the possible risks involved before committing to the procedure.

Final thoughts

While many people with ptosis can find relief through surgery, others use the procedure to improve the appearance of their eyes. Whichever the reason, there is no denying the importance of ptosis surgery Singapore.