Back pain is a common problem for not only Singaporeans but also people around the world. In fact, over 80% of people will experience back pain at some point. Lower back pain can be a nightmare and is a major reason for Singaporeans to seek lower back pain treatment. Moreover, it comes second to respiratory infections.

But what causes lower back pain and how can you find the right treatment in Singapore? That is what we aim to discover below.

Understanding the lower back

The lower back is designed to handle a lot of pressure but only if it utilized the right way. Think of a fitness enthusiast who is capable of deadlifting a hundred kilograms without causing major damage to the lower back.

However, if the lower back is misaligned or it is not exercised properly and is weak, then the smallest weight can cause tremendous amounts of pain. This is where the doctor comes in. If you need lower back pain treatment the doctor can evaluate your situation and determine the right type of treatment and therapy for you.

Understanding subluxations

When the vertebrae are misaligned and its movement is hindered then a patient may experience back pain. Misalignment of the vertebrae often happens at the lower sections nearer to where the lumbar spine transitions to the sacrum causing lower back pain.

It is these misalignments that are known as subluxations.

The great thing is that with lower back pain treatment in Singapore, you can find a qualified chiropractor who will treat the problem and get rid of the pain. Note that you will require to go in for several treatment sessions. After each session, you will notice a significant improvement and reduction in the pain.

Understanding disc herniation

Doctor and patient complaining of back pain

Think of a herniated disc as a shifted disc. In other words, it is not in its correct position. Keep in mind, however, that a herniated disc does not necessarily mean that you will have lower back pain. In fact, many adults will go through their lives with a herniated disc. Furthermore, these people will not experience any type of pain.

On the other hand, herniated discs can be the cause of immense pain on the back and throughout the body. Unfortunately, when a disc slips from its proper position it will rarely heal completely. However, a chiropractor can help prevent further deterioration.

The great thing is that you will not need surgery to treat back pain which means you are not exposed to some of the risk s of surgery. After all, such invasive procedures are often expensive and risky.

The benefits of lower back pain treatment

There are several benefits of lower back pain treatment. These include:

  • Treating disc herniation
  • Preventing disc herniation
  • Allows you to wake up without a stiff back
  • Increasing and boosting mobility of your lower back
  • Being able to lift objects without experiencing pain

What causes lower back pain?

Many people experiencing lower back pain may not understand the cause of the back pain in the first place. As a consequence, they continue to expose themselves to factors that cause the back pain. This results in a vicious cycle.

Causes of lower back pain include:

  • Lifting heavy items
  • Carrying heavy backpacks
  • Injuries from sport
  • Spending considerable time at the desk
  • Being overweight
  • Accidents
  • Constant sitting
  • Constant standing
  • Twisting the back

Risks associated with lower back pain

If a patient doesn’t seek the help of a qualified doctor for the treatment of lower back pain, this may cause some chronic complications such as:

  • Fixated vertebrae
  • Pinched nerves
  • Alignment issues

Lower back pain and lifestyle

As we have seen, most of the causes of lower back pain have to do with our lifestyles. A fitness enthusiast many lift heavy weights causing lower back pain. Even while working out is healthy, it is good to avoid lifting weights that are too heavy for your body.

On the other hand, living a sedentary lifestyle where you are always sited at the desk may end up causing back problems.

Lower back pain treatment in Singapore

Doctor treating lower back pain patient

After scheduling an appointment at a clinic such as Physioactive, the doctor will evaluate our situation to find the right treatment option for you. There are several treatment options for lower back pain. These include:

  • Medication – these can offer temporary relief from the pain. However, they will not handle the physical and functional problems.
  • Chiropractic treatment – this is an excellent treatment for functional problems with the spine.

Final thoughts

There are many causes of lower back pain. Part of treating the problem is understanding what is causing the problem in the first place. Your doctor will evaluate your daily habits and tell you the cause of the problem as well as how to deal with it.


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