Many South-East Asians including Singaporeans have small stubby noses. Consequently, people in Singapore are looking to improve the shape and size of their noses to a sharper and more desirable look. In comes rhinoplasty. With this treatment that is rapidly gaining popularity, Singaporeans can finally get their desired looking nose.

And it doesn’t end there, a good looking nose puts the entire face in harmony and allows the patient to achieve a more pleasant and beautiful look. Let’s take a closer look at rhinoplasty in Singapore and find out if it is the right treatment for you.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic treatment meant to enhance the shape and appearance of the nose. Note that doctors can combine it with reconstructive surgery to fix any breathing-related issues by altering the shape of the nose.

Before and after rhinoplasty

Risks associated with rhinoplasty

Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure. This means that it has its fair share of potential risks which include:

  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry in the nose
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Negative reactions to the anaesthesia
  • Loss of sensation around the nose
  • Breathing problems

Who is rhinoplasty for?

Rhinoplasty is suited for people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose. That said, they need to be over 16 years old to ensure that the nose is fully developed. They also need to be in good health. Moreover, they should be non-smokers and have realistic goals on what they are trying to achieve.

Types of rhinoplasty

There are two main techniques in rhinoplasty. Your doctor may choose either:

  • Open rhinoplasty
  • Closed rhinoplasty

With open rhinoplasty, the surgeon cuts between the nostrils and opens up the incision. This allows him or her to see the structure of the nose and to perform the required procedure to achieve the ideal looking nose.

On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty is a good choice for people without complex cases. Here the doctor will not make an incision between the nostrils. They will instead make a cut inside one of the nostrils.

It is crucial that before you undergo rhinoplasty, you choose a top-notch clinic such as Dream Plastic Surgery and a doctor with many years of experience under their sleeve. They are able to mitigate any potential risks. Furthermore, you are more likely to achieve your desired look. After all, your desired results will be highly influenced by the knowledge, skill, and experience of the surgeon.

How to prepare for the consultation

After finding a clinic and doctor with many years of experience, the next step will be to book a consultation. During the consultation, explain to your doctor why you want the procedure and the type of results you are expecting.

That said, keep in mind that the doctor will likely provide you with their own views and advise you on whether your expectations are feasible. They will analyze your face and provide suggestions on what could be a better nose shape according to your facial structure.

What you can expect from rhinoplasty treatment

Woman ready for rhinoplasty

Note that each patient will have different requirements. This means that the treatment will be based on their individual circumstances. That said, the common steps include:

  • The doctor applies anaesthesia to the nose and the point where they will make the cut
  • The doctor will perform either open or closed rhinoplasty

Cost of rhinoplasty in Singapore

People will want to know the cost of rhinoplasty in Singapore before committing to the procedure. While there are many factors that influence the final cost such as clinic and doctors’ fees, the average costs of rhinoplasty range from $6000 – $12000.

Is there any downtime?

With rhinoplasty patients receive treatment according to their situation and expectations. This means that downtime can vary between patients. That said, the maximum downtime required is two weeks after which the patient can resume normal activities.

Post-surgery tips for rhinoplasty

There are a few things to observe after the treatment to ensure an effective and full recovery. These include:

  • Avoid blowing your nose
  • Avoid taking baths so as not to wet the bandages
  • Consume food that requires minimal chewing
  • Do not do strenuous activities during downtime
  • Avoid hot or spicy food after the surgery
  • Brush your teeth gently without moving the face too much
  • Avoid anything that applies pressure to the nose

Final Thoughts

If you do not like the look of your nose and you think it is the worse part about your face, then you will be pleased to learn about rhinoplasty. While the treatment comes with its own share of risks, it can ensure the right nose projection and size to achieve the look that you have always wanted. To ensure you get your desired results always choose a surgeon with plenty of experience under their sleeve.

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